Who is this for?

  You are an aspiring entrepreneur but the thought of starting your own business is daunting;

   You struggle with sales and marketing, as a result of which, you are unable to grow your business; 

  You have an existing business and want to grow it exponentially but don't know how to;

  You are an entrepreneur who is constantly feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and burned out and you need a new way of being to succeed with ease;

  Your business is stable and you want to explore new revenue streams and make passive income;

  Your business lacks structure, strategy, direction and you need an overhaul when it comes to your business operations;


Is this you? Look no further!

I am the Wonder Woman you have been looking for!

I have 20 years of sales, marketing and business experience. I have managed teams of 300, negotiated multi-million dollar deals and was covered by a prominent magazine in Indonesia as the "Best Negotiator in Town" (Jakarta Globe, 2017)

In short, my mission is to make the Impossible Possible. 

How will working with me transform my business?

Through our one on one sessions, I will help you create a vision for your business, identify opportunities, develop strategies for growth, create the process and structure your business needs and keep you accountable.

Key benefits of working with me:

  1. Gain clarity on your vision, long term strategy and action plan;
  2. Create a sales and marketing strategy that works!
  3. Learn to have sales conversations and convert them into clients. 
  4. Identify ways to maximize revenue opportunities and minimize cost.
  5. Implement structures and processes so that you can maintain your focus on growth.
  6. Become an effective leader and badass boss babe, boost team morale and inspire increased productivity.

Whether you are just starting out, or whether you are an established entrepreneur, running a business can be overwhelming for anyone who wants to reach a new level of success.

I don’t just help you achieve your short-term goals. I will also help you fast track your way to success.

When you work with me, I will:

  • Help you focus on the most important part of your business;
  • Help you set clear goals and map out a clear action plan;
  • Identify opportunities and strategies for your business growth and increase your revenue;
  • Help you create a system, tools and processes to optimize your business, employees and your time;
  • Evaluate your progress and keep you accountable.



Schedule your free introductory 45-minute call and learn more how I can support your growth.

It’s time to level up. A new level requires a new you!

So, take action.


I am lucky to be mentored by Meena!

During our mentorship program, Meena helped us tremendously to get clear on our area of business which was our blind spot (our brand communication!) and challenged us to think bigger and get more focused.

At the end of the mentorship, we made simple, and yet highly effective changes, that helped us increase our revenue. In addition, we gained new insights on business opportunities to expand our business which we had overlooked!

If you are looking for honest and authentic feedback, fresh ideas and results, Meena is definitely the right mentor to engage!

Helga Angelina
Co-founder of Burgreens and The Bulkstore & Co



Meena is all about action. She is a no nonsense, result oriented and high performance kind of person. Yet, she also cares so much for the people and friends around her.

If you want things done, she is your person!

Her business acumen, strategic thought process and integrity is unparalleled.

She won’t quit till you succeed.

Henry Riady, Entrepreneur, Lippo Group



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