I want to be an Empowered Woman




Where would you be living?

What skills would you have mastered?

What would your typical day be like?

How many countries would you have traveled to?

Who would you be with? 

What would your ideal body look like? 

How much money would you have in the bank?

Most of us want to live a happier, abundant and much more fulfilling life. 

YET most of us are not willing to uplevel ourselves. 

We know that every successful company has a business plan. Then why do most individuals not create a life plan? 

A different life requires a different version of you.


To uplevel your life, you have to be willing to uplevel yourself.

And upleving requires deliberate and conscious creation of the life you desire. 

If you are ready to Live Your Life by Design, then this Program is for You!


I want to be an Empowered Woman


You have tried having a positive mindset. Some days it's good but other days “thinking positive” doesn’t cut it.

Despite your efforts, you are still EXACTLY where you were last year (and perhaps the year before). 

You know what you want, but procrastination and fear has gripped you and kept you chained in your current reality.  

You’re doing everything you can to achieve your goals but despite all your effort, nothing seems to be working. You are tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

No one understands or supports your dreams. Instead they think you are unrealistic. 

You're confused and are not sure about what you want or how to find your life purpose and become truly happy. 

You have never ever invested in your own personal growth and the idea of doing so scares you. 

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

Leonardo Da Vinci



Four years ago, I was exactly where you are today.

I was not happy. Despite my success and achievements, I wasn’t truly fulfilled and was always searching for something more. The life I lived wasn’t the life I wanted. 

It took a traumatic turn of events for me to wake up to my then current reality. After my huge financial loss in 2016, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a victim.  I no longer wanted to feel powerless. 

So what did I do? How did I overcome my greatest trauma? How did I buy my dream villa in Bali within 2 years of losing my life savings? Why did I quit a high paying job and a successful career to teach women like yourselves to level up? 





I opened myself up to LEARNING again.  I started to seek NEW MENTORS.

Most of all, I had to see a different kind of future for myself. I had to be willing to invest in my personal growth and I had to put in the time and effort to create a different future for myself.

And I did.  YOU CAN TOO!

Transformation is possible. 

Progress is possible.

 I’m proof, and so are my clients!

Now it is your turn. You have very little to lose and a world of possibilities to gain.


No more settling for an average life, average relationship and average anything.

No more lack of self confidence and self esteem.

No more winging it in life hoping that it will all work out.

No more living in fear of the future and in regret of the past.

No more comparing yourself to other people’s picture perfect life and wondering when it is your turn.

No more living in a vicious cycle of procrastination and feeling like a failure. 


I want to be an Empowered Woman



A 6 week group coaching program where you will learn how to go from Powerless to Empowered, how to go from living life by Default to life by Design and how to go from Survive to Thrive through my 3 PILLARS



🔥 6 X training: Powerless to Empowered framework through my three pillars


You will learn how to build an unshakable confidence, the tools to create a blueprint for your life's vision and the strategies to become a conscious creator through inspired action and manifestation.


🔥 6 X Group Coaching Calls ($3000 Value)

You get to ask questions about what you learned in the training, get coached and supported through the six weeks as you embark on the journey of designing your life vision.


🔥 Access To A Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

Connect with like-minded empowered women like yourself, inspire, encourage, uplift and build one another through accountability

Indefinite access to recorded trainings, including any updated versions!


I want to be an Empowered Woman


Build a strong sense of self worth and unshakable self confidence

Become crystal clear on your life vision and learn to create it

Move from being a participant in your own life to becoming a conscious creator and author of your own life. 

Cultivate the power habits you need to develop to become the highest version of yourself

Implement my magnificent framework that will take you towards your goals (instead of winging it through life) 

I want to be an Empowered Woman


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Meena is a mentor for women and women entrepreneurs, an international motivational speaker and an international bestselling author for “Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders”

Meena, a former lawyer, is the founder of Strong and Shine, the brand that transforms the lives of thousands of women all over the world to go from powerless to empowered.  

Despite having grown up in a traditional indian family where Meena wasn’t allowed to get educated and was expected to be married in her late 20s., Meena went on to be the first educated person in her family (yup as a woman!) and qualified as a lawyer in two jurisdictions (England & Wales as well as New York). For two decades Meena continued to expand her portfolio and worked in some of the largest companies in the world heading Business Development, Sales and Marketing. 

In 2016, Meena lost her entire life savings. Instead of allowing herself to become a victim of circumstance, Meena decided to use this plot twist to rewrite her story. In two years, she earned all that money back, bought her dream villa in Bali and quit her well paying job as a successful corporate executive because Meena’s mission is to teach women how to go from powerless to empowered.


"Despite doing well at work, as a brand manager, and having my own business, I was struggling with self confidence. I didn’t believe that I had what it takes to be successful.

I was yearning for a change and that’s when I came across Meena. As I listened to her, I was drawn to her and I wanted to learn how I can break free from my current situation. Empowered Woman Academy was groundbreaking for me! It gave me the confidence to quit my job and focus on my now thriving business.

My relationships have become so much more powerful. I now trust myself and can hold my own. I truly loved the EWA experience. Meena committed to ensure that no woman is left behind and that meant the world to me. I loved the friendships that were formed during these 6 weeks and these women have become my life long friends. Thank you Meena and I am so grateful to you and all the ladies. Love you all.''

Hilary Ng, Entrepreneur

''When I first came across Meena’s post about Empowered Woman Academy I was intrigued. I was going through a really difficult period in my life. I was going through a separation and I was having some employee issues at work. I felt betrayed at so many levels. It was pretty damaging my normal self confidence was gone. I was questioning my own decisions and I hit an all time low.
When I spoke to Meena I decided I was going to enroll in the Empowered Woman Academy and I committed to give it my 100%. Doing this program really taught me that everything starts and ends with me. I now realize I own my power and the old me is back. My business and my exercise program is back on track. I have bigger goals set for me and I know I am more than able to accomplish them.
Meena comes from a business world and she understood my struggles. It’s one thing to teach it and another thing to have experienced it. Meena lost her finances and she was able to spring back. She is assertive and compassionate and she holds you accountable. I promise you, if you are no longer wanting to settle for less than you deserve, this program will change your life. I am truly grateful for EWA.''

Rebecca Rosario-Bueno, Entrepreneur (Real Estate Management)

"I first came across Meena two years ago. When I watched her speak, I said to myself, “I want to be like her” And the Universe presented me with that opportunity this year. When Meena announced the launch of Empowered Woman Academy, I didn’t have to think twice. Within minutes I signed up. And I can truly say this was the BEST decision of my life.
Before EWA, I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I was good enough, I didn’t think I was a good mom and I didn’t think I had what it takes to take over my Dad’s business. I was depressed, unsure about myself and had no hope for my future. This 6 week program truly changed my life . Within a few weeks of joining EWA, my Dad called me and asked me what I was doing differently. I seemed happier and more confident - ready to take on the world.
I now love myself and truly cherish my time with my kids. I show up confidently at work and for the first time I am happy about where I am and what my future holds. Meena is the best mentor I have ever come across. EWA is a must for EVERY woman.

Namrata Nagpal, Senior Coordinator

"A few years ago my husband and I went through a difficult experience. The pain shook me to my core and I kept going downhill and I found myself feeling lost, lonely and in tremendous pain. That’s when I realized I needed to change my mindset. I started doing affirmations and gratitude. Things got better for us but I still had to deal with my pain. So after I asked the Universe to help me find the support system I needed, I started seeing Meena’s posts appearing in my newsfeed. I continued to follow and engage and then joined Meena’s free courses.
Immediately after that I signed up for EWA because I knew this is what I was looking for. In the 6 weeks I learned so much. I thought gratitude and affirmations were enough and I thought I loved myself. I didn’t realize I had it all wrong. Meena taught us how to go deep. I had to question my beliefs, my past and everything I was holding on to that was disempowering me. EWA has truly changed me.
The friendships I found here were greater and deeper than my lifetime friendships even. There were days when we cried as we learned to release our past and there were days when we truly were filled with joy and laughter. The breakthrough for each one of us was mind blowing. Every module we went deeper and deeper. It transformed my relationships with my family and friends. I am so happy about where I am and I am looking forward to an even greater future."

Shanaya - Entrepreneur/Teacher

"There are many coaches but Meena is unique. She is experienced and has the passion to change women’s lives. Because of her diverse education, experience and background, she understands people very well and has changed lives from ordinary to masterpiece. Her program gave me a new perspective in my life. I used to feel powerless about my situation. I am a divorcee and as an Indian woman there is a lot of stigma attached to it.

After doing EWA, my whole perspective on who I am completely changed. By going through the program and actually doing the work, I felt more empowered and I learned to take charge of my life. I am now a positive confident person and a source of inspiration to others. I have learned to enjoy my life every moment. After doing EWA, for the first time in my life, I took the podium and spoke at my church on International Women's Day!

If you want to make the most of your life and want to be successful and have meaning, you must do EWA! In this program, the modules and assignments are very systematic, easy to follow and is life changing! "

Leela Pai, Lawyer

"The Empowered Woman Academy literally changed my life. Before joining EWA, I felt really stuck. I work in the UK and my family is in Dubai. I was struggling with this lifestyle feeling torn apart between two worlds. I was in poor health and I also had a very low self esteem. As a result of my lack of confidence in myself, I turned down many opportunities at work because I didn't believe in me.
After joining EWA, I am no longer who I used to be. My health is back on track, I am excited about my life and my husband and I have a clear plan for our future. I have learned to make myself a priority and for the first time I believe in me. At work I have taken on bigger roles and my relationships with my loved ones have drastically and positively been impacted. What can I say? I am beyond grateful. Thank you Meena for showing up in my life. For this I will forever be grateful.

Mridula R, Doctor



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