In this modern era where everything is instant, sometimes we forget that some things take time to build.

We want everything done in a flash. Instant messaging, social media, you name it and you have it.

When it comes to love - we seem to have applied the same mindset. We are so used to moving at the speed of lightning that we are unwilling to invest our time to connect and listen to our partners. 

Why is it that some couples stay in love forever and others quit when it doesn’t work? 

Here are some of the reasons and how you can learn to create loving and lasting relationships:

1. Relationships don’t work unless you are willing to do the work

A lot of people assume that marriage is “happy ever after”. What they do not realize is that it is  just the beginning of a new phase of the relationship. In the beginning you experience butterflies and then when you feel more settled in the relationship, you think that you are no longer in love. This only happens when we do not work on keeping the relationship and the spark alive. If you want to continue being in love, set some time to go on romantic dates, holidays and adventures together as frequently as possible.

2. Communicate. 

Communication is not just about speaking, but also about listening. If we make time to hear one another, we will be able to understand each other better. Disagreements in a relationship are inevitable. How you handle them is what changes the game. It is okay to disagree, just don’t forget to be kind to one another. Communicate with the objective of finding a solution, not to prove you are right or to prove your partner is wrong.

3. Accept

It is said that men marry hoping his partner doesn’t change, yet she does. And a woman marries hoping he will change yet he doesn’t. I see this happens in a lot of my client’s relationships. If we want to experience love and joy in the relationship, then we must accept our partner for who they are. Sure you want your partner to be “better”. And that’s great. Just remember they won’t change unless they want to. So instead of trying hard to change them, encourage them. If they feel inspired or if they feel the need to change, they will. If they feel pressured to change, they won’t. Know the difference. 

4. Spend alone time. 

There is no “we” without me. Get to know yourself, take time out, breathe. Spending time alone helps you get centered and helps you align yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You can only experience a loving and happy relationship when each of you are happy and loving beings. Taking time out helps you refill your cup and it nourishes your soul. Not only will this make you feel better but by giving each other space you will appreciate each other even more.

5. Know that love is a decision not a feeling. 

Love is not fickle. Love is steadfast. It is about making the time and the commitment to create that same magic you had when you first met. Commitment takes work. 

Life is full of highs and lows. And so are relationships. It’s not about just putting up with each other. It’s about consciously creating the relationship you want, working at it and never giving up.

As long as both parties are committed to make it work, no matter what, then they will never run out of love. 

Always choose love. It’s an emotion with the highest vibration.




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