OK, I get it. You are scared….scared that your business will fail, scared that your relationship won’t work out the way you hoped and scared that you will never be, do or have whatever it is that you desire.

Fear has killed more lives than many of the critical illnesses in this world. The worst thing about fear is that it kills you even though you are still alive (well surviving to put it aptly). You are breathing and moving but your spirit is dead. 

Fear is one of the worst things any human being can experience. But you know what is worse than FEAR? REGRET.

When we are kids, we don’t really think about life or worry about our future. We only wonder what our parents will feed us for dinner, what we are going to do this weekend and what treats we will be allowed during the week. As adults, we tend to worry more and live less. We forget that we are in this world for a limited time, or as Steve Jobs puts it, we are living on “borrowed time”. So we go about our lives living in fear and stress. What we fail to realize is that while we still have this limited time, we have a chance to create the life we truly desire. And we can do that now while we still have the time. 

Fear can cripple us from making our dreams come true. That is the time we need to ask ourselves, “Would I rather live in fear or die with regret?”

Ever since I was 5 year old, I knew I was created for a purpose bigger than myself. Despite the fact that women in my family were not educated and were actually not allowed to get an education, I had the dreams and aspirations to become a lawyer, to be financially independent and to live life on my own terms. I enjoyed a very successful career for over 2 decades and lived the life most women would dream of. Surely that is enough, you would think, wouldn’t you? And yes it was...except..during the last year I was in corporate, I was reminded of my calling to serve women, to teach them to embrace their power, to inspire them to level up and to cheer them on so that they can realize their dreams. 

So I took that chance. At that time, it seemed counterintuitive to most, but I took that chance. Despite my fear and my natural inclination to stay in my comfort zone, I walked away from a high paying job because one thing became crystal clear to me….I rather take a chance not knowing whether I will succeed than live my entire life in regret.

Every day I ask myself, “How do I want to feel on my deathbed?”  And my answer always is, “I want to feel like I am all used up, I have given it all and I am so happy with the life I lived.” And every single day, I take action aligned with my answer.  

Here is my question for you, how do you want to feel on your deathbed? Are you willing to take the chance on you, your life and your loved ones to follow your heart and to live the life you deserve?

If yes, then quit playing small. Stop settling for average. You are created for greatness and that greatness is already in you. Step into that power. 

What action can you take today that will take you closer to your goals?




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